Weekly Dental Tips by Dentist Spokane Valley

Bad Breath

Home Remedies and Causes of Bad Breath, What Your Dentist Can Tell You

Isn’t it that age old, social dilemma: How to they tell somebody about their bad breath, without hurting their feelings? Your family dentist won’t even tell you that point blank, you might never come back! Dentists let you assume we wear…

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Teeth Whitening

5 Reviews of Drugstore Whitening Toothpastes

Getting a whitening treatment from a dentist can cost hundreds of dollars. So it’s not surprising that most people would rather get their teeth white at home with a product they can pick up at the drugstore or grocery. It…

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Drinking soft drinks

Top 3 Teeth Destroying American Foods

Although they cause their share of tooth decay, sugary food is not the only culprit causing havoc on your dental health. As your Spokane Valley dentist will warn you, any food that’s starchy and sticks between your teeth for more…

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Study Reveals Exercise Hastens Tooth Decay

A surprising study of 278 Olympic athletes reveals that most athletes have less than stellar oral health, compared to the rest of us. But don’t get too excited and quit your gym membership just yet, your dentist won’t be impressed….

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Dental Cosmetic Fads That Destroy Your Teeth

Just because everybody is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to do it too. Dentist Spokane Valley are worried younger patients and those young at heart, are falling for fashion fads that stain or even seriously damage the teeth. Here…

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dental braces in Spokane Valley

Getting Braces as an Adult is Not Too Late

The reason childhood is the best time for braces is because the teeth and bite are most flexible at that time. So, any serious problems are likely to be successfully corrected at a younger age. But adults can get braces…

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Oral Health

4 Little Known Symptoms Your Oral Health is in Trouble

Most of us know how to watch out for cavities, signs of infection and even symptoms of gum disease. We diagnose ourselves even before going to the Dentists! It’s easy to spot a cavity for instance, even a hidden cavity between…

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